Student Services

Guidance Program


The purpose of a Guidance Program is to support students in their educational, personal and vocational development. Whether one just needs to drop in for a friendly and reassuring "Hello" or requires assistance in a time of difficulty, our goal as guidance counsellors is simply to help in any way we can.

Between reporting dates, weaker students receive hints on organizational and study skills. Also, we keep the parents of these students informed of student progress and upcoming exams.

Educational & Vocational Guidance Services

During the adolescent years, each person develops a clearer picture of himself or herself as a unique individual with special abilities, aptitudes, skills, interests, preferences and personality. The curriculum is designed to offer each student a wide variety of learning experiences to help discern strengths and weaknesses. Education is becoming an increasingly vital part of preparing for the world of work. We can help with:

Information regarding course selection, prerequisites needed, credits required for grade completion, graduation requirements.

Aptitude Testing

Offered during the semester break (late January). Discovering your aptitude levels can help you make educational choices for school success and job satisfaction.

Listening and Suggesting

We want to hear about your concerns about success at school and any problems you might be experiencing. We can try to figure out why the problem exists - are organizational skills lacking, do you lack study skills, is managing your time a difficulty, does test anxiety cause you to be nervous and perform poorly?

Vocational Counselling

Awareness of different types of careers and knowledge about one's own interests and preference is the starting point in vocational choice. In order to give the student a general introduction to the importance of initial career decision making in an interesting and active manner, our office provides a variety of services.

Career Tests

Our office utilizes three (3) basic instruments to assist students in developing their plans for the future.


An interest inventory


A measure of work values


Indicates abilities in work related areas

Information Centre

Our office provides information about cross-Canada and American Post-secondary educational programs. This includes universities, technical schools, regional colleges, private schools and other programs both private and publicly funded. If we do not have the calendar you need, we will gladly send for it.

We host a SUTIL (Saskatchewan University and Technical Institute Liaison) day.

Personnel from the University of Saskatchewan, The University of Regina (and their associated Colleges), SIAST campuses (Palliser in Moose Jaw, Kelsey in Saskatoon, Wascana in Regina and Woodland in Prince Albert), the Armed Forces and Parkland Regional College are present to explain opportunities for Education after high school to Grade 12 students. This visit occurs late in November or December.

Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

Deadlines and criteria vary with each scholarship or bursary, so students need to take the initiative to seek information. The cost of education continues to increase and it is now more imperative than ever to explore this type of funding. Scholarships can be competitive and a high average is usually required. Many awards and bursaries are more dependant on financial needs than high marks.

Student Loan Applications

Applications forms are available and should be completed during May. These are federal-provincial funds at low cost to enable students to pursue further education. Information, Applications and Forms are available online at Saskatchewan Student Loans​.

Vocational Counselling

An integral part of the career decision making process is offered through the guidance office. Test interpretation and research re: schools, programs, job market and application forms is often complex and confusing. Career planning is not instinctive. Our office’s purpose is to help students expand their occupational awareness and to relate their educational choices and achievements to future requirements of school and the world of work.

Personal Counselling

Everyone has times in life when things get to him or her. Perhaps you just feel the need to tell someone about your problem; sometimes that is enough. Sometimes you may want help talking to your parents about a situation. There may be a time when you need to have information about counselling services outside the school and want to be referred to a special agency that deals with your particular problem. The Family Resource Worker wants to help any way he/she can - you’ll be treated with courtesy, respect and confidentiality.